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Taiwan Precision Tube Co., Ltd is a Professional Manufacturer of Presision Tube, Small tubes and thin wall thickness is our major production items,with flexible production line,full-filled the individual desires of our customer.

EDM Electrode Tube Supplier of Taiwan

Taiwan Precision Tube Co., Ltd stated in an internal memo that the company's restructuring process has concluded, and that we can now move forward in growing the company. We engage to develop enduring relationships with our customers by providing innovative EDM tube, EDM cooper tube products supported by the best customer service in the industry. As a manufacturer of standard & custom EDM tube, EDM cooper tube, we offer outstanding quality products with competitive price.We pay attention to the details that matter to you to deliver custom, cost-effective and scalable solutions that contribute to your bottom line.
EDM Tube

EDM Tube


We have rich experience in the field of Precision Tubing, providing professional EDM Tube, Electrode Tube and EDM Copper Tube.

Application:spark-erosion electrodes
Range : Outer diameter 0.15-1.50mm.

Outer Diameter(mm) Tolerances Length(mm) Material
0.20 +0/ -0.01 200 Brass/Copper
0.25 200 Brass/Copper
0.30 300/400 Brass/Copper
0.40 300/400 Brass/Copper
0.50 +0/ -0.02 300/400 Brass/Copper
0.60 300/400 Brass/Copper
0.70 300/400 Brass/Copper
0.80 300/400 Brass/Copper
0.90 300/400 Brass/Copper
1.00 300/400 Brass/Copper
1.10 +0/ -0.02 300/400 Brass/Copper
1.20 300/400 Brass/Copper
1.30 300/400 Brass/Copper
1.40 300/400 Brass/Copper
1.50 300/400 Brass/Copper

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In addition to providing the best products possible, Taiwan Precision Tube Co., Ltd stands behind their products by providing the best technical support and customer service in the industry. Our EDM tube, EDM cooper tube are fabricated using premium quality materials that are tested for their efficiency and durability. Our company offers a range of EDM tube, EDM cooper tube that is high in quality at affordable prices.
Taiwan Precision Tube Co., Ltd wants to provide you with a quality product on a timely basis that you can install with confidence. Please do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about our cost-effective package programs and volume pricing.